2013 Larder

I strive to capture the best of Connecticut ingredients in small batches of jam, fruit butter and other preserves. The produce comes straight from local Connecticut farmers and farmers markets. Because the produce is seasonal, so is the product – i.e. we may be out of strawberry-based jams when peaches are in season. Everything is made in small artisan batches. I would be happy to make a custom batch upon request – please ask!

All batches contain local Connecticut produce. I often use non-local spices, sugar and pectin to bring out the best in high caliber local ingredients. If Connecticut’s climate could support products like sugar, ginger and vanilla, I would use those as well, but I make every effort to minimize non-local ingredients. Most of our fruit butters do not contain sugar, or contain very small amounts. Please contact me with any questions!

Fruit Jams:

Strawberry Rhubarb Ginger
Strawberry Vanilla
Sweet Cherry Whiskey
Peach Bourbon Vanilla
Apricot Amaretto
Jameson Ginger Peach
Strawberry Tequila Lime
Plum Cardamom Almond Conserve
Tomatillo Lime

Savory Jams:

Tomatillo Lime

Fruit Butters:

Blueberry Limoncello
Smoked & Salted Caramel Pear
Ancho Apple
Spiced Peach
Apple Cranberry Quince